Careline Anti Wrinkle Concealer
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This Concealer has a  delicate texture, and a smooth ink stick, an outstanding ability to camouflage spots. Enriched with pigments technology "Soft Focus" that return the beams of light, creating an optical illusion of the bright appearance.

Gentle formula provides full coverage for all types of plugs natural makeup - even and all skin tones. Concealer is easy and quick to use, free fatty ingredients, suitable cover for all types of defects.

Wrap marker - a fine brush releases the concealer evenly, provides a quick escape, glamor and full coverage. Durable and long hours, hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types.

can be used under or over makeup evenly.
can be used under eye area.
Available in 2 shades, Vanila and Caramel.
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Careline Anti Wrinkle Concealer

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