Careline Lip Liner Pencil
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With the Careline Lip Liner Pencils you can:

  • Line your lips with precision to set your lipstick and prevent it from running.
  • Reshape the natural frame of your lips.
  • Fill-in the entire lip area to maximize lip-color durability.

The pencils’ formula contains natural waxes that create a moisturizing coat on the delicate skin of the lips.

With an exceptionally high level of superb-quality pigments, you can line your lips quickly and effortlessly.

The new look of the lip liner pencils allow you to easily distinguish between the white body of the pencil and its colored tip so that you can choose the color that best suits your lipstick in every lighting condition.

  • Item #: lipliner
  • Manufacturer: Careline
  • Condition: New

Careline Lip Liner Pencil

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