Careline Moisturizing Hair Cream, Curly Hair (Curls Creator)
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To style and build curls For curly, frizzy hair

Curls Creator Moisturizer Cream

 Contains the revolutionary Vital 10 Complex formulation

 Moisturizer for styling curls that are full of life, contains an active vitamin complex (from the Vitamins B, C and E families) to protect hair against the elements and free radicals, and to preserve high moisture levels in the hair. The unique Vital 10 Complex formulation combines styling and rehabilitating ingredients rich in moisture and nourishment, to deeply penetrate curly hair, to nourish hair and restore its softness, elasticity and shine. For a defined, curly look.

Your hair will be revitalized.


The Vital 10 Complex provides:

  • Vitamins assist in maintaining moisture level
  • A defined curly look
  • Protection against the sun and drying
  • Prevents frizz


Directions: Massage the cream into damp hair whilst styling. For large curls, twist large bunches of hair around finger, wait a little and then release. For wilder curls, use a diffuser.


  • Item #: 1070304
  • Manufacturer: Careline
  • Condition: New

Careline Moisturizing Hair Cream, Curly Hair (Curls Creator)

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