Energic Q10 Bio-Energic Eyes/Lips Zone Cream, 30ml
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Refined Eye Cream: Reduces fine lines, Blurs dark circles, Reduces puffiness, The sklin around your eyes is very delicate and sensitive and is the first to show signs of aging. Careline's scientific division has developed for you a new line specifically for the treatment of early signs of age. The ENERGIC line is based on a combination of a bio-energic complex of natural anti-oxidants, combined with Q10 for the promotion of new skin cells and a bio-energy complex (ATP) to protect your skin against free radicals, to significantly assist in smoothing your skin. The ENERGIC Refined Eye Cream is very delicate and is not heavy for the skin around the eyes. The cream will deeply penetrate your skin and enrich it with moisture and nourishment. Results: *Blurs dark circles signs of fatigue, *Reduces puffiness in the eye area, *Nourishes the skin with moisture, *Strengthens cell membranes, *Significantly assists in smoothing the skin and improves skin appearance and texture. A delicate cream that is immediately absorbed

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Energic Q10 Bio-Energic Eyes/Lips Zone Cream, 30ml

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