Moist reserve Moisturizing lotion for Combination to Oily Skin
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MOIST RESERVE Moisturizing Lotion to build a moisture base for radiant skin..

Today your skin is soft and vital. But with the years it will start to show its age, brought on by the damaging climate and physical changes. The skin starts to dry out, free radicals start to have an effect and the wrinkles start to appear. Wisdom dictates that now is the time to provide your skin with a moisture base for the future, to prevent moisture evaporation and ensure that your skin is strengthened with moisture, vitality and radiance, also tomorrow.

The Moist Reserve line is the fruit of development from the Careline beauty laboratories of Perrigo Pharmaceuticals and is suited to the skin. It is based on the patent pending Aqua Lock SystemTM which is a unique technology combining 3 actions:

  • 1.Immediate penetration of moisture.
  • 2.Building a moisture base.
  • 3.Locking in moisture and preventing evaporation from the deep skin layers.

The Moist Reserve line ensures moisturized skin that is relaxed and radiant today, with less wrinkles tomorrow. Aqua Lock SystemTM technology Based on an Aqua Cacteen base. Inspired by the Israeli cactus, a cactus that has developed survival mechanisms under extreme climatic conditions. Guarding every drop of moisture, it has developed a calming and protecting mechanism against the Israeli climate: dryness, strong sun rays.

The Lotion contains: Nanospheres, Encapsulated, vitamins A and E, for the maximum protection against free radicals.

The lotion has an especially light texture, is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

The Results:

  • Long lasting skin moisturization.
  • Skin that is soft and radiant.
  • Protects against dryness and environmental damages.

Test Results after 4 weeks:

  • Skin was moisturized for the entire day 81%.
  • Skin is relaxed and radiant 85%.
  • Percentage of improvement as reported by 100 volunteers,.

Directions: Every morning and evening, after cleaning your face, gently pat the lotion on face and neck.

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Moist reserve Moisturizing lotion for Combination to Oily Skin

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