Natural Formula Moist Design Styling Natural Curls 400ml
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Natural Curls Hair Moisturizer


The new Natural Formula moisturizing styling line with the NUTRA A to Z, the natural formula for hair care.


Light styling moisturizer for natural looking curls, is based on the Nutra A to Z  formula, enriched with Oat and Grape Seed Extracts. The extracts nourish hair and provide it with the moisture lost due to climatic elements, over-combing and  the use of chemical agents.  The vegetal ingredients attach to the damaged areas, rehabilitating hair and building protection around it. Go curly with a light texture for natural curls, enables you to style free, open curls full of bounce and movement. You will be able to control curls, leaving your hair soft and light with a natural flowing look.


The NUTRA AtoZ formula contains:


Oat Extract

Contains vitamins: A, B1, E.

Enriched with minerals: K, Mg, Fe

Silk Proteins

Enriched with amino acids

Honey Extract & Propolis

Contains vitamins: B, B1, B2, C, E, K

Enriched with minerals:  K, Ca, Na, Zn, Mg, Fe, Si, Mn

Wheat Germ Extract

Enriched with Vitamin E.


Grape Seed Extract

Enriched with vitamin E

Neutralizes free radicals


Directions: On damp or dry hair. Spread a little of the moisturizer into the palm of your hand, gently and evenly massage the moisturizer into hair, from the ends of the hair up to approximately a cm from the roots.  Tip: To create ringlets, the same instructions only curl small amounts of hair around a finger for a few seconds and then release.

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Natural Formula Moist Design Styling Natural Curls 400ml

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