Careline Splash Eye Cream 30ml

SKU: 2007613



A soothing cream for the care of the delicate eye area lightens dark circles, softens and eliminates wrinkles. Quickly absorbed into the skin, provides moisture, protection and a refreshing feeling of coolness. Contains a complex of moisturizing ingredients, Shea and jojoba that create an immediate moisture reservoir and prevent the evaporation of natural moisture. Enriched with Vitamin E and A capsules that dissolve and are absorbed into the skin with application and helps to immediately build up the skin's moisture reserve.  Prevents oxidation, smoothes out dry wrinkles and helps prevent deep expression wrinkles. Contains ingredients that soothe skin sensitivity, lightens dark shadows and microscopic particles that optically mask wrinkles. 

The "Splash" series was developed especially in accordance with the Israeli climate, which exposes the skin to conditions of dryness, peeling and itching. Additional ingredients in the series smooth the skin texture, soothe irritations and prevent signs of premature aging.

Dermatologically tested
Paraben Free
Oil free
Not tested on animals

For all skin types

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