Careline Anti-Wrinkle Concealer

SKU: 1212001

Shade: 01 Caramel


  • Concealer in a soft-tip package to camouflage wrinkles and brighten dark circle under the eyes
  • Enriched with pigments manufactured with Soft Focus technology, which restore skin's radiance and create the optical illusion of a bright, even-looking and smooth appearance
  • Delicate formula that provides with total cover and naturally blends in with any type of foundation or any skin tone
  • Its delicate brush releases Concealer uniformly, enables quick application, and grants skin full coverage and radiance.
  • Fades dark circles under the eyes, lightens pigmentation, reduces appearance of deep lines
  • Long lasting, hypoallergenic, for all skin types
  • May be locally applied to any area of the face
  • Adapted for use around the delicate area of your eyes
  • Can be applied on top of or beneath make-up
  • Smoothens deep facial lines and conceals dry skin creases
  • Brightens freckles and pigmentation spots
  • Suitable for quick make-up corrections during the day

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