Careline Delicate Toner, Dry/ Sensitive Skin Alcohol Free, 260ml Pink

SKU: 2005280



Facial toner, to complete the cleansing of the face and neck. Shrinks the pores, provides balanced moisture to the skin and prepares it for the absorption of the moisturizer. Enriched with a complex of minerals (magnesium, zinc and pro-vitamin B5), vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, which balance and soothe the skin, while maintaining a balanced acidity and preventing a feeling of dryness or irritation. After cleansing, the skin feels relaxed, fresh and ready to absorb moisture. 


Removes makeup residue and dirt
Gives a velvety feeling and prevents skin irritation
Prepares the skin for moisture absorption
Refreshing and prevents dryness for long hours
Alcohol free

For dry delicate and sensitive skin

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