Careline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover for Gentle Skin, 2 Phase - Pink 260ml

SKU: 2007852



A two-phase formula suitable for removing all types of makeup, including water-resistant makeup Completely removes all types of makeup, without feeling dry and leaves skin clean and relaxed. Enriched with ingredients that nurture and maintain the delicate area around your eyes. Ideal for wearing contact lenses. Hypoallergenic

Two-phase formula: The top phase contains delicate silicones that dissolve and evaporate immediately after application and easily removes all types of makeup, including water-resistant makeup, and long-lasting lipsticks. The lower phase is based on water enriched with essential minerals, moisturizing ingredients, vitamin E and soothing substances that complement the cleansing action and provide comfort to the skin. By mixing the product, the two parts of the liquid combine to form an effective and pleasant makeup remover for the skin.

For delicate and sensitive skin

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