Careline Full Coverage Concealer

SKU: 1221001

Shade: #01



Full-coverage concealer for the eye area gives a uniform and bright look


Based on a new technological formula that performs double action:

Complete camouflage of dark shadows, wrinkles and dry wrinkles long lasting, without setting or powdery dryness. High-performance concealer that provides a variety of benefits to the eye area:

A formula rich in nutrients and sedatives that provides velvety and flexible coverage. A high concentration of moisturizing ingredients helps to eliminate dry wrinkles, giving a firmer and brighter look.

Quick, easy and even application with a soft swab that also helps fix the texture on the skin. Applying on the eyelid also functions as a primer for eye shadows.

Uniform and full coverage for all types of defects: dark spots, wrinkles, uneven shade, redness.

Pure pigments that blend naturally with the skin tones and give a natural and vital look.

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