Careline Hemp Multipurpose Cream, 50ml

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Nourishing moisturizer for day and / or night hours. Precise formula gives optimal results with a combination of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like oils from a natural source of hemp seeds, jojoba, avocado and wheat germ, which create an immediate feeling of moisture, softness and a feeling of relaxation. Rich shea butter helps lock in essential moisture that prevents future dryness and smoothes the texture; Antioxidants. Vitamin E and rich Dead Sea minerals give the face a fresher, smoother and younger looking look.

Main ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: A moisturizing ingredient that creates external moisture protection and helps prevent natural evaporation of moisture from the skin. Improves the internal moisture level, which is essential for maintaining a fresh appearance of the skin.
Cannabis Sativa Seed oil - an oil from a plant source rich in minerals (calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium), vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), which help in the regeneration processes of skin cells. Nourishes the skin and is also suitable for skin that suffers from excessive oiliness.
Oil complex - Nourishing oils from a natural source of jojoba, avocado and wheat germ. Gives moisture and softness to the skin. Maintains the skin's natural moisture and creates a feeling of comfort.
Shea butter - a rich moisturizing ingredient that helps prevent natural moisture from evaporating. Smoothes the skin texture and gives a velvety touch.

 For all skin types

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