Careline Make Up Remover Wipes 1x25With Dispenser

SKU: 2006487



Soft wipes for quick and effective eye and face and eye makeup removal. Removes of all types of makeup, mascara and eye makeup. The wipes are enriched with an effective makeup removal formula that contains a complex of minerals (magnesium, zinc and copper) that help with the cleansing action and stimulate the skin. Aloe vera extract and vitamin B5 to soothe the skin and prevent a feeling of dryness. An extract extracted from the cactus plant (Aqua Cacteen), which enriches the skin with instant moisture and soothes sensitivity. 


The skin is clean of makeup and dirt, fresh and healthy and ready to absorb the moisturizer. 

Dermatologically tested
Suitable for all skin types
Contains 25 wipes

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