Careline Makeup Set Pro

SKU: 1201560



A professional, comprehensive makeup kit for the face.

A combination of makeup colors and tones for the eyes, cheeks and lips that will give you the perfect look with every style - every day and every season.

 Careline is launching a professional, complete makeup color palette for the face - for every skin tone and style, for a morning and an evening look.

 The kit contains only pure color pigments that preserve color brightness for long hours.

The makeup is based on delicate powder which absorbs excess skin oil and prevents skin shine.

 The Pro Kit includes:

- 40 eyeshadow shades with durable, long-lasting pigments that do not fade during the day.

- 3 shimmering color tones which give the face a radiating sheen, ranging from a tanned tone, to a delicate silvery spark.

- 3 blushes that blend with the skin tone for natural accentuation.

- 2 powders for setting foundation and giving skin tone an even look.

- 6 lip glosses with smooth, non-sticky texture.

The kit also includes a large mirror and 5 different types of makeup brushes.

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