Careline Micelle Cleansing Water, Makeup Remover 260ml

SKU: 2005279



The cleansing water does not contain alcohol and therefore does not create a feeling of tension and irritation. The easy removal ability eliminates the need for rubbing action on the skin or on the lashes and eyelids. The water does not undermine the natural acidity of the skin, so it does not cause a feeling of dryness as after cleaning with soap. And above all - the cleansing action is based on refreshing water, its performed naturally so the skin lovingly embraces the clean feeling obtained during the cleansing and the feeling of relaxation afterwards.

No need for rinsing
Alcohol free
Fragrance free
Does not dry out the skin
Enriched with aloe vera to soothe the skin and Hamamilis extract to shrink pores
Maintains skin balance
Dermatologically tested
Ophthalmologically tested

For all skin types

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