Careline Moisturizing Cream, Curly Hair 400ml

SKU: 1070304



Curls Creator Moisturizer Cream Contains the revolutionary Vital 10 Complex formulation Moisturizer for styling natural curls contains an active vitamin complex (from the Vitamins B, C and E families) to protect hair against the sun and elements, and to preserve high moisture levels in the hair. The active vitamins, rich in moisture and nourishing ingredients, deeply penetrate curly hair, nourishing it and restoring its softness, elasticity and shine. Your hair will be revitalized.

The Vital 10 Complex provides: Vitamins assist in maintaining moisture level styling made easier. Assists in rehabilitating against sun damage and drying natural looking curls

Directions: Massage the cream into damp hair from the ends to the scalp, up to about 1cm from the roots. To strengthen curls, twist bunches of hair with cream around finger, wait a little and then release.

Not tested on animals

For curly hair

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