Careline Moisturizing Cream, Dry Hair 400ml

SKU: 1070302



Silky styling moisturizer for dry hair contains an active vitamin complex (from the Vitamins B, C and E families) to protect hair against the elements and free radicals, and to preserve high moisture level in the hair. The unique formulation combines styling ingredients and rehabilitating ingredients to increase the moisture level in dry hair and restore shine, vitality and silky softness. The active vitamins deeply penetrate the hair and wrap it with a silicon coating to protect hair against the elements, dryness and brittleness. Your hair will be revitalized.

The Vital 10 Complex provides: · Styling, softness and elasticity for long periods of time · Assists in rehabilitating against sun damage and dryness · Vitamins assist in maintaining moisture level.

Not tested on animals

For dry hair

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