Careline Pore Minimizer Primer

SKU: 1219002



Primer reduces pores, disguises prominent skin imperfections and helps to achieve a smooth and even skin appearance and long lasting make-up.  The primer has a delicate gel-wax texture and skin tone, rich in ingredients that help reduce the appearance of open pores. Suitable for applying on all skin types to camouflage the pores, as a long lasting makeup base that prevents the make-up from settling into the skin. 

The primer protects, soothes and treats skin blemishes with the active ingredients: 
Vitamin C - Used as an effective moisturizing and antioxidant ingredient that provides nourishment and protection from environmental oxidants.
Amino acid - gives softness and a silky touch to the skin
Ac.NetTM complex - a complex that combines desert plant extract and oleic acid that regulate excess oil on the top layer of skin, prevent accumulation in the pores and allow a matte appearance for long hours.
The biotechnology complex has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin to create a smooth appearance and no oily shine.

Gives the skin, immediately after application, a relaxed feeling.
You can apply it again on the make-up during the day for an instant matte look
Paraben Free
Oil Free
Ideal for combination / oily skin

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