Careline Revival 55+ Eye Cream, 30ml

SKU: 2007043



Over the years, the signs of age are noticeable mainly around the eye area due to the thin thickness of the skin. The Revival + eye cream is enriched with a complex of minerals and active moisturizing ingredients, to strengthen the skin's texture and blur the existing wrinkles. Additional ingredients in the formula - natural isoflavones provide flexibility and firmness. Omega acids prevent free radical damage and REGU AGE HALOXYL is an effective substance for reducing dark circles and strengthening the density of the skin around the eyes. 


Strengthens the delicate and thin skin texture around the eyes.
Exfoliates existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of dry wrinkles.
Helps reduce dark circles and strengthens the density of the skin around the eyes.
Gives moisture, softness and elasticity to the skin.

For mature skin

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