Careline Revival 55+ Night Cream, 50ml

SKU: 2007042



Revival + Night Cream works during the hours when the skin repairs the damage caused to it during the day. Effective nutrients help the self-repair system and improve the process. The cream is enriched with a complex of active minerals and moisturizers, to strengthen the skin's texture and blur existing wrinkles. Natural isoflavones provide elasticity and firmness, omega acids, prevent free radical damage and pigmentation spots. 


With regular use, the level of minerals, vitamins and moisture rises in the skin.
The action of restoration and self-renewal of the skin is more effective and therefore age and radiation damages are avoided.
The skin feels relaxed, saturated with pleasant moisture and soft to the touch.
The depth of wrinkles is refined and you wake up to a more taut and radiant smooth skin.

For mature skin

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