Careline Splash Night Cream 50ml

SKU: 2007612



Rich night cream, quickly absorbs into the skin, provides moisture, protection and a soothing feeling of coolness. Contains a complex of active moisturizing ingredients that create an immediate moisturizing reservoir and prevent the escape of natural moisture. Enriched with an ingredient that encourages the formation of collagen and elastin fibers to increase firmness and elasticity, and capsules of vitamins E and A, which dissolve and are absorbed by application on the skin, prevent oxidation, smooth the skin texture and help prevent premature aging. 

The "Splash" series provides an instant feeling of moisture and contains effective ingredients for maintaining healthy skin. A variety of moisturizing ingredients create a nourishing and protective shell that maintains moisturized and fresh skin throughout the day. The pleasant texture gives a velvety and relaxed feeling, without feeling greasy or sticky. 

Dermatologically tested
Paraben Free
Oil free
Not tested on animals

For all skin types

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