Careline Urban Defense Moisturizing Day Cream SPF25 50ml

SKU: 2007311



Moisturizer and protection to prevent early signs of aging, dryness and wrinkles. Rich in ingredients that give the skin daily protection against environmental pollution, sun radiation and radiation from electronic devices and screens. Contains 25SPF wide-range radiation filters.

The "Urban Defense" series has been specially developed in accordance with the modern lifestyle that exposes the skin to a variety of harmful factors that characterize urban life. The formula contains a special ingredient (Blue Ray Shield that neutralizes damage of the blue radiation that penetrates deep into the skin layers, damaging the cell structure, creating pigmentation and premature aging process. Other ingredients in the series enrich the skin with moisture and prevent oxidation processes, due to the destruction of cells by free radicals created by all types of radiation that surround us on a daily basis, and pollution that accumulate in the air and settle on the skin.

An innovative complex that combines sunscreens to protect the skin in an outdoor and indoor environment. Radiation filters do not allow the blue light waves (spectrum: 390-470 nm) to perform oxidative processes in the skin that accelerate the aging process.

Dermatologically tested
Paraben Free
Not tested on animals
For all skin types

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