Natural Formula Design Hair Moisturizer - Building Curls 400ml

SKU: 3919644



Hair-designing moisturizer for building perfect curls

For curly, frizzy and dry hair. Natural Formula’s hair-designing moisturizer, for frizzy and dry hair, gives you perfect curls that are soft and velvety. The moisturizer prevents damages caused by air pollution, environmental conditions and sun radiation. It revitalizes dull and tired curls and gives hair that has lost its elasticity a vibrant and fresh appearance. without weighing it down.

Enriched with oatmeal and macadamia nut extracts, which provide effective nourishment and preserve the intact structure of the hair. The moisturizer further contains Shea butter, jojoba extract and avocado oil, which protect dry, frizzy hair and make it supple, while allowing to style soft curls with complete control.

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