Natural Formula Keratin Intense Hair Protection Cream, 145ml

SKU: 3924501



Smoothing the hair with a blow dryer or straightener gives your hair a great look, but also burns it and causes it to split and break. With keratin cream you can straighten your hair without damage

The cream is rich in pure keratin which assures:

Complete protection from the heat of the device - for less damaged hair, less split ends, less brittle.

Better smoothing - the keratin wraps around the hair and smooths it along its entire length.

Hair is healthier - keratin fills the inside of the hair and ensures soft and shiny hair.

Sodium chloride salt free - a gentle formula that is also suitable for hair that has undergone regular straightening.

Immediately absorbed into the hair - without feeling greasy.

After heat straightening the hair it will be stronger and more resistant to split ends, glow and shine and be soft and pleasant to the touch.

 Size: 150 ml | 4.9 fl.oz.

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