Softcare Tear Free Foaming Baby Shampoo, 500ml

SKU: 4963186



Softcare`s Foaming Soap is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitivity, and therefore perfectly optimized to gently wash and clean your baby`s scalp, without damaging its natural protection. Paraben free.

With a rich, foamy, soft texture, this shampoo gently cleans the scalp; no foaming is required. The foamy formula helps you massage the shampoo gently and softly, with minimal rubbing of the scalp. Easily washed, not causing any tears. Cotton protein, moisturizing ingredients and chamomile provide a refreshing, clean sensation and comforting softness to your baby`s scalp.

After bath, your baby`s hair is clean, silky soft and smells wonderful.

For sensitive skin

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